Programme Expectations

Sign In/Out:
Each child will sign themselves in on arrival at their programme. The person picking the child up must sign them out. This roll will be in an obvious place in the programme. Children will not be able to stay if fees have not been paid.

Children are expected to behave in a sociable manner. Children who obstruct the safe working of the programme will have their caregiver contacted. The caregiver will be expected to come immediately and collect the child. No refund will be given.

Sick children will not be permitted to attend the programme. If a child becomes unwell during the programme the caregiver will be contacted to collect their child. There will be no refund.

If your child will not be attending a day that they are enrolled for, please phone the SHARP office before 2:30pm on 338 0673 and ask to speak to Lotu. 

Child Safety
The programme has a detailed Child Protection procedure, which includes the reporting of any suspected child abuse to the Ministry for Vulnerable Children (Oranga Tamariki).

Programme Supervision:
Our programme supervisors are young people who are over the age of 17 and leaders are over the age of 15. A coordinator over 20 years old oversees all of the programmes.

Lost Property:
Please check the lost property table at the end of each day. Left-overs will be kept in the office for no more than one week after the holidays.

To Bring:
Children should bring a named jacket, sunhat, lunch and a drink bottle every day.

Do Not Bring:
Children must not bring any valuables or weapons to SHARP. These include cell phones, video games, music players and trading cards. SHARP reserves the right to temporarily confiscate these items if found in the children’s possession.