Holiday Programme Agreement

Holiday Programme Agreement

1. I agree to pay the full amount for the programme my child is enrolled in, including any days they are absent and public holidays (SHARP Trust 02 0820 0602250 00 BNZ).
2. I agree to accept all WINZ responsibilities and that I pay in full any amounts not paid by them for this service.
3. I agree that if I fail to pay my account and SHARP has involved a debt collection agency, the collection costs incurred will be added to the total of my account and/or pass this information on to another OSCAR programme that your child attends.
4. I understand that the refund of the Holiday Programme fees will be given only if at least 1 week (five working days) notice prior to the first day of care has been given. A $10 administration fee will be charged.
5. I understand that no refund will be given if a withdrawal is made within the week prior to commencement of the programme, or during the programme itself.

Health and Safety
6. I agree for the programme to apply sunblock as needed throughout the day.
7. I agree not to bring any child/ren on this programme who has any infection or contagious disease eg: Chicken pox, vomiting , diarrhoea.
8. I agree to the staff administering the medication as prescribed on the other side of this enrolment form.
9. I agree to staff seeking medical assistance for my child/ren enrolled in this programme as necessary. Any cost incurred in obtaining such aid will be met by me.

General Business
10. I acknowledge that this holiday programme will be run by staff appointed by SHARP according to SHARP procedures (see procedure book at in programme).
11. I agree that SHARP will only be responsible for my child from after the time they are signed into their programme, to the time they are signed out of their programme.
12. I give permission for my child to go on local walks and all trips as per published programme, including any unplanned changes to trips due to weather.
13. Photos and videos of the holiday programme may be used for promotional purposes. I agree to this.
14. I give SHARP Trust permission for my child/ren to watch PG movies that the Staff find to be appropriate.
15. I give SHARP Trust permission to include me in a group email once a term reminding parents to enrol children for the next holidays.
16. I declare that the information I have provided is true and correct.


The Privacy Act 1993.
The information that you have supplied is necessary for the safe and effective operation of SHARP. While the law does not require the information, refusal may lead to your enrolment being declined. If we don’t know all this information then we can’t ensure the safety of your child/ren.

MSD auditors have the authority to access this information under the Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1989.

Should you default in your fee payment we may engage a debt collection agency to recover the amount and/or pass this information on to another OSCAR programme that your child attends.