After-School Programme Leader

2.25 hours per day, during term time 3.25pm-5.40pm


– Growing Christian faith
– Enjoys working with children
– Adaptable, creative
– Copes well under pressure
– Good leadership skills


1.1 Implement successful programmes

· You are required to follow the supervisors directions
· You are required to assist in all activities and outings
· You need to evaluate the programme in written or oral form as requested

2.1 Seek to cater for individual children’s needs

· You are aware of children’s needs

2.2 Develop an awareness and sensitivity to the cultural and social diversity of the children

2.3 Use meaningful experiences to provide quality care

2.4 Provide a positive and stimulating environment

· You are required to help engage children in educational and enjoyable activities

2.5 Be a positive role model

· You are enthusiastic and encouraging
· You openly and regularly discuss aspects of Christian faith with children

2.6 Set clear and realistic expectations

· You help ensure that children have a clear understanding of expectations and work towards them

3.1 Use positive strategies to manage behaviour

· You encourage and praise children
· You use a variety of strategies to promote positive behaviour
· You use the strategies in place for resolving disputes and misunderstandings
· You help ensure that routines are clear and consistently applied
· You encourage children to take responsibility for their own behaviour

3.2 Follow guidelines for providing a safe environment

· You are responsible for helping to maintain children’s safety
· You are familiar with emergency requirements and procedures

4.1 Develop and practise listening and speaking to children, caregivers and leaders

· You develop positive relationships between supervisor/ leaders and children
· You help keep children and caregivers informed
· You actively listen to children and caregivers and address their concerns
· You give clear instructions that are easy to follow

5.1 Takes responsibility within the leadership team

· You work as a member of a team
· You help prepare food, wash dishes, entertain children and clean up, daily
· You accept and act on constructive professional criticism

6.1 Keep up-to-date with administration requirements

· You are familiar with and implement SHARP Policies