Holiday Programme Leader

(8.15am-3.45pm, during school holidays)


A growing Christian faith, adaptable, creative, good leadership skills, enjoys working with children, copes well under pressure.


You must arrive no later than 8.30am, 8.15am on Monday
You are required to help prepare activities and clean up each day
You need to ensure children are busy and enjoying themselves
You are responsible for a group of 4 – 7 children and you are required to assist this group first and foremost in all activities and outings
You are required to follow the supervisor’s directions
You need to openly and regularly share aspects of Christian faith with children (i.e. reading Christian books, praying & talking)
You must encourage and praise children
You must give clear instructions that are easy to follow
You need to actively listen to children and address their concerns
You need to make sure you are aware of individual children’s needs
You need to work to develop positive relationships between yourself and the children
You are required to use a variety of strategies to promote positive behaviour (i.e. diverting children to other activities)
You must be a positive role model
You are responsible for helping to maintain children’s safety
You must report all accidents immediately
You must be familiar with emergency requirements and procedures
You must be familiar with and implement SHARP Policies (especially Discipline, Safety and Fire)
You need to accept and act on constructive professional criticism (i.e. make changes to your work if asked)

To Bring each day

Warm jersey/jacket
Togs if swimming
Please don’t bring valuables
It is expected that leaders will not play with or use cell phones during SHARP time.