A Great Read

I recently got a copy of Craig Blomberg’s latest text (2016) titled – “The Historical Reliability of the New Testament‘; and am reading it on holiday.

This 800 page thoroughly researched and very readable text is very encouraging. Coming from such a reputable scholar who has been researching and writing in New Testament studies for at least 3 decades it is, as the reviews indicate, a reliable summary of the debates and latest scholarly understandings on the reliability of the New Testament.

I haven’t read it all yet but have made my way through the chapters on the gospels. Especially John’s gospel. When I first studied theology, John was one of my first papers. The B.D. I did forced me to read widely on the critical debates around who wrote the gospel, when and was it reliable. I remember there was much debate and the more liberal scholars led the debate. Now Blomberg sites a shift in the studies of John that show the richness, authenticity and integrity of the gospel.

While there is a media wide and general public perception that the New Testament can’t be relied on, Blomberg convincingly and thoroughly proves otherwise. I am relishing his writing on John – my favourite of the gospels and the disciple I personally gravitate to.