Prayer 101

On Sunday morning we looked at ‘Watching and Praying’. Here are some points to get you started…

1.       Pick a time (maybe early morning)

2.       Pick a space (quiet, few distractions, something to focus on)

3.       Set yourself a time that is not rushed (I’ve got x minutes with God free)

4.       Be aware of God’s gaze on you (love and joy of this offering of time)

5.       Read your passage (maybe Mark 14 v 43 onwards)

6.       What are you asking God for? (Jesus passion be mine)

7.       Where does what you read speak to, touch or surprise you? (Stay with that… what is God showing you?)

8.       How can I pray from this time? Who can I pray for?

9.       Note down key thoughts, feelings, insights

10.     Tomorrow re-read your notes at the beginning of your time