Mid-week service

We are exploring starting a mid-week service because we are aware Sunday’s are not the only time we could gather for worship. For some of our older people, people at home with young families, shift workers and others, a day time mid-week service may be a more suitable option.
The suggestion of a mid-week daytime service came out of the feedback from meetings at Halswell after we decided to bring our Sunday services together. It seems like a good time to explore whether there is a core of people interested in and willing to help make a mid-week service happen. If we were to have a mid-week service we would base it at the Halswell site. As we explore this possibility we would value your thoughts and potential contribution.

Here is a questionnaire that you could fill out and send to Ruth TownsendAlison Ford and Warren Read.

If you are interested we would really appreciate you taking the time to complete the attached questionnaire and return this to us.