How is the foyer upgrade going?

Those of you who took the chance to have a wander around, will have seen we are well underway with the foyer upgrade. Next week the painting will start and then we will be into finishing, fitting out the toilets and installing lights and plugs, benches and the information cabinetry.

Like most building projects there have been some surprises along the way, including;

·         Finding a myriad of wiring and a number of switch boards, so we have rationalized this as part of the project and created one main electrical switch board in the office block.

·         Future proofing the area with audio and digital cabling.

·         Needing to add fireproofing to the all the steel framework to meet new fire regulations and ensure safety.

·         Some hold ups with materials and suppliers.

Despite this we have had a brilliant team of builders and contractors who have done all they can to keep this job moving forward. Most of the team on the job are part of the church and they have created a great working team.

It looks like we will achieve all the aims we had for the project but one. We had hoped to have a separate room for the church library, but have had to compromise and will create a library space in the entrance area from the main car park. The advantage in this is that the library will have great visibility and its location will hopefully encourage greater reading of the library books.

Please don’t hold me to this, but we are working to having the area open on Sunday the 17th of May. There will probably be a few fittings still not in place at that point and we may be working off a temporary information counter but we will be operational.  So if possible, we will be able to officially open the area on Sunday the 24th of May.