After-School Agreement

After-School Agreement (Term time)

  1. I understand that my child will have Christian Content each week which comprises of Bible stories and Christian value lessons.
  2. Iunderstand that any changes to my child’s attendance for SHARP After-school care, ideally needs to be communicated to the Co-ordinator by phone (338 0673) or email (  by 2.30pm. However it is not until I receive a reply email or text from the coordinator that my child’s absence has been noted. If I fail to report my child’s absence I will be charged an additional fee of $2.
  3. I understand that if my child is not at the pick up point for the vans and therefore does not make it to the SHARP Programme, I will be contacted and it is my responsibility to ensure my child will be picked up from the school within 20 minutes of initial contact. If not, a taxi will be ordered and charged to my account.
  4. I agree to my child travelling by vans to the After-School Programme.
  5. I understand that when my children are collected from school there is usually only one SHARP staff member present.
  6. I understand that SHARP will be responsible for my child from the time they are sighted by the supervisor at their school or on arrival at SHARP (if they are not due to be collected from school) until they are signed out on the roll.
  7. I understand anyone picking up my child including myself may be asked for photo I.D at anytime.
  8. I understand that if my child has a disability (learning/behavioural or physical) I will attend a trial session to ensure that my child’s needs can be met, before they are accepted into the programme.
  9. I agree to my child watching PG rated movies if they are deemed as age-appropriate by SHARP.
  10. I agree to SHARP staff administering the medication as detailed by myself in the ‘Medical Action Plan’ and ‘Administration of Medication’ form which I have completed in full and signed.
  11. I agree to staff seeking medical assistance for my child/ren as necessary. Any cost incurred in obtaining such aid will be met by me.
  12. I agree to photos and videos of my child/ren taken at the programme being used for SHARP publicity.
  13. I agree to my child being disciplined by the programme supervisor, according to the discipline procedure.
  14. I agree for the programme to apply sun block as needed throughout the day.
  15. I give permission for my child to go on local walks with the programme.
  16. I understand that any outstanding money/debt I have accumulated must be paid within 30 days of my child leaving SHARP.
  17. I understand there will be a late fee charged to my account if I collect my child later than 5.45pm of $10.
  18. I agree to constantly pay the fees one week in advance. (SHARP Trust 02 0820 0602250 00 BNZ)
  19. I agree that if I fail to pay my account and SHARP has to involve a debt collection agency, the collection costs incurred will be added to the total of my account.
  20. I understand that if fees have not been paid for that day, my child will be taken to the school office where I will be contacted to collect them.
  21. I am aware that I will be charged for the days my child is booked in for, including any days they are absent, and public holidays.
  22. I agree to accept all WINZ responsibilities and that I pay in full any amounts not paid by them for this service and until WINZ payments begin.
  23. I understand that every year I need to re-enrol my child/ren.
  24. I’m responsible for notifying SHARP of any changes in circumstance or contact/medical details.
  25. I agree the information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge.

The Privacy Act 1993.
The information that you have supplied is necessary for the safe and effective operation of SHARP. While the law does not require the information, refusal may lead to your enrolment being declined. If we don’t know all this information then we can’t ensure the safety of your child/ren.

MSD auditors have the authority to access this information under the Children, Young persons and their Families Act 1989.

Should you default in your fee payment we may engage a debt collection agency to recover the amount and/or pass this information on to another OSCAR programme that your child attends.