After School Programme Leader

3.30pm-5.30pm during term time


Good leadership skills
Growing Christian faith
Enjoys working with children
Adaptable, creative and friendly

Show Initiative During Daily Activities

  • You are required to help prepare food, wash dishes, entertain children and clean up daily.
  • You are required to support the supervisors behaviour management system
  • You are required to listen to and follow the Supervisor’s directions
  • If you struggle with any of the areas listed in this Volunteer Service Agreement, you need to discuss it with the Coordinator.

Provide a Safe Physical Environment for the Children

  • You must report all accidents immediately to the Supervisor who will record them in the accident and medical book
  • Be familiar with SHARP Policies (especially Discipline, Safety and Fire) and emergency requirements and procedures
  • You will not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while volunteering at SHARP
  • Only appropriate physical contact will be used. E.g. pats on the shoulder.  No hugging, kissing or children sitting on knees.
  • If someone enters the programme who is not a staff member or volunteer you will need to alert your Supervisor
  • Dress appropriately for working with children

Show a Caring Christian Attitude Towards the Children’s Emotional Needs

  • Be aware of individual children who may need extra support
  • You will be given opportunities to openly and regularly share aspects of Christian faith with children (i.e. reading Christian books, talking and singing songs)
  • Use appropriate/child friendly language
  • Be a positive role model

Actively Develop Team Bond Among Your Group of Children

  • You will work alongside a group of children and interact with them
  • Develop positive relationships between yourself and the children through encouraging and praising them

Complete Tasks Independently and with Excellence

  • You must arrive no later than 3.30pm
  • Commit to the days I am rostered on for
  • You need to accept and act on constructive professional criticism (i.e. make changes to your behaviour if asked)
  • Attend all meetings, debriefs and training activities
  • Communicate to the coordinator at least 2 hours before the programme starting if you’re unable to come to SHARP.
  • If you are planning to do something else instead of SHARP I will find another leader to fill in for me and let the Coordinator know.