Why do I need a will?
A will is the only way to ensure your affairs will be settled exactly as you wish. It is your final expression of love and compassion to family, friends and charities of your choice. If you have children, you should have a will.

How do I make a will?

You should seek the advice of your Solicitor, the Public Trust Office or a Trustee Company. You can very simply amend or review your will as often as you wish.

What is a bequest?
A bequest is a gift given after life to assist a charity. It enables you to help in a way that perhaps you were not able to do during your lifetime. It is a gift that lives on, helping others, long after we have gone.

You can give a specific bequest which is a gift of a certain sum, a specific asset, or all, or part, of an insurance policy. Also you can give a general bequest. That is a specified percentage or share of your Estate. As little as 1% of your residual estate can make a huge difference to a charity.

How does my bequest help SHARP Trust?
Leaving a bequest to SHARP Trust means that you are giving an precious gift to the children & young people from the South West of Christchurch, helping to ensure a better future for the many children we serve long into the future.

The following standard wording may be useful

I give and bequeath to SHARP Trust (specify gift)……..……………..………..… free of all charges and to be used where most needed. The official receipt from SHARP Trust will be sufficient acknowledgment of having received this gift.