Staff Profiles


Office Staff
Staffphotos-2 Amy Smit – SHARP Manager and Holiday Programmes
Amy has been a part of the SHARP team as a leader, supervisor and After-School Programme Coordinator, so is a breathing example of how we develop leaders here at SHARP.
Her recent 3 years of teaching adds to the experience she brings to SHARP. Amy has many years of leadership experience including SWBC Young Adults Coordinator, Localised Sport Coordinator, Eastercamp Safety Team and Activities Coordinator, Staff Trustee at Aidanfield Christian School, Oaklands/Westlake Neighbourhood Community Leadership Team and more.
Staffphotos-5 Carroll Motuiliu – After-School Programmes
Carroll has a passion for seeing families thrive in their communities which is evident in the quality of relationships she has. Coming from being a Teacher Aid at Somerfield School she brings a depth of understanding how children learn, connecting with children despite their behaviour and building positive relationships with a wide range of people.
She worked as an art tutor at Rowleyz SHARP and supervisor of holiday programmes at the Spreydon site. Carroll is currently a Youth Worker at Hillmorton High School and is a leader at SWBC’s Horomaka Youth Group. She goes above and beyond to make sure people are looked after and kept safe.
Staffphotos-7 Lotu Ausage – Rowleyz SHARP
Lotu grew up in the Rowley Community and has a huge passion for helping young people achieve their potential. She started SHARP as a leader, then tutor and has now been Coordinating Rowleyz SHARP for at least 5 years. She is very good at spotting future leaders and supporting them to step up in their strengths.Lotu is very involved in organising and leading at her church including worship and youth. She shows huge depth of insight which is shown in being a Trustee for Rowley Avenue Primary School. Her energy, talent and vision for the local community is inspiring and we look forward to seeing where she takes Rowleyz SHARP.
Staffphotos-9 Ann-Marie Smith – Accounts Administration
As well as raising three fantastic children with her husband, Ann-Marie works part-time for SHARP to manage the accounts and payments when families register their children with our programmes. She volunteers her time towards being a Trustee on Enrich Trust Board and is very active in her local community.Ann-Marie has a wonderful eye for detail. She is very savvy with our database making her a huge asset to our team.
Staffphotos-11 Judith Whittam – Finance Officer
Judith has an extensive background in finance and oversees the monthly collation of data to be presented in our accounts, as well as coordinating the annual audit of our accounts. She is very knowledgeable and brings a wealth of experience with her. As well as raising two boys, running Children’s Ministry at Christ the King and overseeing the accounts for at least 4 trusts, Judith is able to calculate the SHARP accounts quickly and accurately. She is a huge asset to our team and we are very excited to have her with us at SHARP.