Staff Profiles

Office Staff
Jono Anderson – Manager & Holiday Programmes

Jono has a background in coaching, leadership and has worked with children in a variety of previous roles. He is passionate about leadership, culture development and long term strategic planning/implementation. He and his wife are also pastors at Elim Church Christchurch where they attend.

Kara Harbie – After-School Programmes
Kara is a trained teacher with a degree in psychology. She has worked not only as a teacher but also as a school counselor. Kara is enthusiastic, creative and passionate about seeing kids enjoy their time in the programme. She is currently part of the worship team and Sunday School team at the Indonesian Full Gospel Fellowship Church currently meeting on Lincoln Road. She also has skills on the side as a baker and is currently selling buns every so often filled with goodies such as cream cheese, tuna mayo or even cinnamon! Ask her if you’re interested in ordering some.
Staffphotos-9 Ann-Marie Smith – Accounts Administration
As well as raising three fantastic children with her husband, Ann-Marie works part-time for SHARP to manage the accounts and payments when families register their children with our programmes. Ann-Marie has a wonderful eye for detail. She is very savvy with our database making her a huge asset to our team.
She volunteers her time towards being a Trustee on Enrich Trust Board and is very active in her local community. Ann-Marie was just nominated to be a speaker on behalf of AirB’n’B’s in Christchurch regarding the recent conversations around standards of accommodation in Christchurch. She has a lovely AirB’n’B in Belfast named The Garden View Apartment if you’re interested!
Staffphotos-11 Judith Whittam – Finance Officer
Judith has an extensive background in finance and oversees the monthly collation of data to be presented in our accounts, as well as coordinating the annual audit of our accounts. She is very knowledgeable and brings a wealth of experience with her. As well as raising two boys,  and overseeing the accounts for at multiple other trusts, Judith is able to calculate the SHARP accounts quickly and accurately. She is a huge asset to our team and we are very excited to have her with us at SHARP.