Fees and Winz

Fee Payment:
Bank Account Number: 02 0820 0602250 00
SWBC Church Reception: Cash or EFTPOS (9am – 5pm).


  • $16/afternoon + $12/siblings.
  • $18/casual one-off day booking

Holiday Programme:                                                                                         

  • $22.50/day + $17/siblings full week bookings.
  • $32.50/day casual bookings.
  • After-Care $10/afternoon.

Holiday Programme After-Care:

  • $16.50/afternoon ONLY care

Fees must be paid for all the days that your child is booked in for one week in advance. If you fail to pay your account and SHARP has to involve a debt collection agency, the collection costs incurred will be added to the total of your account.
Please note: SHARP Programmes are deliberately low cost so as to be affordable to all children. The type and amount of trips we do will reflect this.

WINZ Subsidies:
If you are applying for a WINZ subsidy please do this quickly, as you will be required to pay the full amount for your child to continue attending if the payment does not come through by the first day of the programme. Please check here for more details on the subsidy.
If you already receive a subsidy a form will be sent to you 28 days before the end of each school term asking about your care needs for the school holidays and next term.

Refunds for your child not attending the programme will only be given if SHARP is given one week’s notice (7 days) prior to the commencement of the programme. This does not include a $10 admin fee.